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First meet... nearly.
Running through the louvre.
necropalice wrote in manc_lulz
Hello team manc_lulz ...

Several things:
1. There's around five of you that still haven't filled out the last poll. Comment here if you do, so I know to check.
2. Judging by the results so far, it seems best that we alternate between Saturdays, Sundays and weekdays as no one day seems to suit the majority.
3. I propose we also alternate between organisers. Obviously, I'm organising this one, so someone else can do the next one... ja? We can deal with that later, anyway.

And finally, it's an even tie between Saturday 26th September and Saturday 3rd October... preferences please! Just comment, I've lost my enthusiasm for polls.

I'm also going to suggest we meet at around 4pm, and go to a bar on or near Oxford Road, but we can save the finer points for the next post.

Much love! x

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3rd cause i'm going "home" this weekend.

Am looking forward to it. I hate being a loner!

It's gonna be the 3rd :) I'll make a post in a bit x

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